You know you're in the Mumfamily when...

Hey everyone!! Maria here. Okay so this blog hasn’t been active in about a year, since I kind of am not really active on tumblr nor in the “Mumfamily” anymore. That’s why your submissions haven’t been posted and your messages haven’t been answered.

Not sure what else to say really. Sorry about that. I won’t delete the blog but it’ll probably be pretty much abandoned like this… Sorry about that, too.

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certified-trash asked: "hey do you know when the babel music video was made because teddy has hair but he shouldnt because he just had surgery"

I am guessing around six weeks ago, judging by this photo by Ted on his instagram! It shows a giant motion-control camera and the building they’re in looks very much like the one in the video. 

Hope this helped x

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rodriguezfaith asked: "Do you have a list of the Captain Kick members?"

nope! but perhaps one of my followers does and can help out? pls?

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sierravaughn asked: "First off what is the mumfamily? Second what does WOLO mean?"

‘Mumfamily’ was the name given to the Mumford & Sons fandom. It was named so because we are a close-nit family with longlasting friendships, brought together by our love for Mumford & Sons.

No one knows for sure, but WOLO is suspected to mean “Winston Only Lives Once” or “We Only Live Once”. 

Thank you, hope this helps! x

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magicalme7 asked: "Hey! I have been a fan for a long time but I just joined the fandom and barely any of these make sense to me which is kind of sad. If you could either explain them to me or send me to a website or video or something that would be great! I just want to know what they mean! Thanks !"

Hello! Welcome to the fandom! I’ve been trying to add references to all my posts as time progresses because I know this has been an issue to many new and old mumfamily members. If you could maybe give me particular posts you’re curious about, it would help me to explain them! Thanks x

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Anonymous asked: "Hey I have heard the name Ross a few times in the mumfamily and never any explanation as to who he is. So who is he?"

Ross Holmes is Mumford & Sons’ fiddle player, who accompanies them for all live shows and recorded Babel with them. He is the honorary “fifth member” of Mumford & Sons to many fans. Hope this helped! x

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Anonymous asked: "Hi, I've been been a fan for a while but only just started the whole fandom thing, so was wondering if you could explain or link some of the posts? (1, 5,11,38,48, 55, 60, 63, 65, 68, 86, 94, 108, 110, 111, 128, 130, 135, 141 and 142) Sorry for so many! but thanks for the great blog!:) xx"

I’ll post the ones I can find explanations and sources for!

1: [x]

5: This is from the Mumfamily Tea Times, which are times where someone in the mumfamily posts a tinychat link on the mumfamily tag and everyone goes into it and talks! (: They mostly happen during the summer, weekends, and holidays, when people have the most amount of time.

11: This is from Mumford & Pals! an animated series of Mumford & Sons on youtube (you should look it up, it’s hilarious!)

38: This picture explains all.

48: Not exactly sure! But I know Ted has a fondness for cats! (see this picture)

63: Not directly related to the band, but YOHO means “You Only Har Once”

65: This gif where Winston runs away from a bee (can’t exactly remember the video):

68: It’s a pun on Ben’s last name (: “i love it”/”i lovett”

86: Across the years and many interviews/shows it has been said and shown that Ted, Marcus, and Ben can play the drums during shows. But for whatever reason they never allow Winston to play the drums (even though he’s quite good - I have personally seen him play!)

94: Winston was once part of a band called Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers and in one of their more vulgar songs titled “Bitchfuckit” there is a line in the song that states: “Let’s start with Country Winston - Ladies look at him and their cunts start dripping”. You can listen to the song here.

128: In the Mumfamily facebook group there are many posts that start with “Not Mumford related but…” so it became a running joke.

135: This post!

142: Reece is a Mumfamily member and apparently “DAMMIT REECE!” is a common phrase when he’s near.

Don’t be sorry!! I apologize I don’t have all the answers! I hope this helped a bit and thank you for liking this blog! If any of my followers have a couple more answers for some of the posts requested, please let me know! (: x

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sanguiine-eyes-deactivated20140 asked: "What is the interview/video where Winston falls asleep on Ben? Sorry I don't know much about it, but I always see GIFs of it on Tumblr. And I love your blog! I just recently became an obsessed fan, and this helps me find interviews and jokes I haven't seen. :) :) :) <3 x"

I can’t seem to find it, I’m terribly sorry! Do any of my followers perhaps have the link to the interview? If you do, please send it her way! x

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